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  • Higher Ground
    One of my Bible heroes is Caleb. He’s the only person in the Bible of which it was said six times that he “wholly followed the Lord.” It was God’s testimony of him (Num. 14:24; 32:12), Moses’ (Deut. 1:36; Joshua’s 14:14), and his own (Joshua 14:8, 9). That means that throughout the whole course of […]
  • The Appalachian Awakening
    God is on the move in two counties in southwest West Virginia near the Kentucky border. According to reports God raised up intercessors for the region who for years have been crying out to the Lord for His reviving presence. Then the Spirit led a junior at a public school to preach in the hallway. […]
  • Every Man Did That Which Was Right
    My wife and I once made an unscheduled visit to England. Our original plans had us moving to the country of Lebanon to serve as missionaries, but we ended up on an immigration blacklist, somehow, and were sent back to the last city we flew through: London. It was our first time in London, and […]

The Netcasters Team includes every netcaster! On the local level, this includes the team of netcasters within a local church. On a broader level, this includes all local teams into one large team of netcasters – even international. May the Lord keep raising up God-dependent, Spirit-enabled netcasters to bring in a great catch!

“I have realized how thankful I am for the ministry of Netcasters training in my life. The focus is so pure, the plan is so thorough and biblical, and the method is so God-exalting, so nurturing of faith in the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit, so careful to be Christocentric and Christ-exalting. I cannot even imagine how I would handle the gospel if it weren’t for my Netcasters training. May the Lord use these videos and empower them for years to come.” ~Netcaster in Wisconsin