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  • The Beauty of Holiness
    Why is it that when we hear the command to be holy we tend to recoil? It is as if we look at it as something undesirable, or perhaps altogether ugly. I know that in my own experience, I have heard sermons on holiness and walked away honestly feeling oppressed and even discouraged. You may […]
  • All In
    What seems like a thousand years ago, I attempted to play football for my school. I love the game of football but I’ve got to tell you, those coaches demanded things out of us that was, well what else can I say, PAINFUL! They kept pushing us and demanding that we hit harder, run faster, […]
  • Revival Glorying
    When revival occurs, God’s people glory in Him. They make their boast in Him. When saints are revived, their confidence is in God’s presence and their joy is in the promises of His word realized in their lives. How do we get there? 1 Corinthians 1:31 tells us to live in the blessed reality of […]

The Netcasters Team includes every netcaster! On the local level, this includes the team of netcasters within a local church. On a broader level, this includes all local teams into one large team of netcasters – even international. May the Lord keep raising up God-dependent, Spirit-enabled netcasters to bring in a great catch!

“I have realized how thankful I am for the ministry of Netcasters training in my life. The focus is so pure, the plan is so thorough and biblical, and the method is so God-exalting, so nurturing of faith in the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit, so careful to be Christocentric and Christ-exalting. I cannot even imagine how I would handle the gospel if it weren’t for my Netcasters training. May the Lord use these videos and empower them for years to come.” ~Netcaster in Wisconsin